Sunday, May 20, 2012

Horse Show Hangover

I think most horse people that show know the feeling. I feel like I've been run over by a truck this past weekend.

Saturday was a tough day. Though at the time when I fell off, it didn't hurt, now every part of my body aches. Thinking back though - I haven't fallen off a horse for over a year and a half since Jetta slipped and fell on top of me in my worst horse-related injury ever when she was just started under saddle. I guess I was kind of "due" for a fall, though I hope it doesn't happen again for at least another year and a half or more!

Sunday actually went really, really well. I was the show manager for a dressage league show that our university dressage team was putting on. It was causing me so much stress over the past month so I'm just ecstatic that it's over and done with! I had the most awful nightmare the night before that the judge didn't show up... But everything ran very well. We had quite a few scratches the day of due to bad horsey behavior, lamenesses and rider illnesses, but still had a great turnout. The weather wasn't as nice as it was supposed to be, it drizzled a bit in the morning, but we're used to wet weather around here and it soon went away, though still didn't get very warm.

We ran on schedule all day and actually finished a bit ahead of time. All of the riders were super nice, no one fell off or got hurt (though there were some close calls!) and we packed up in record time! We only had one little blip when I left to get lunch and another member was helping score tests and she accidentally calculated the scoring wrong, but we got it fixed and I don't think it harmed anything.

One of the things I love about running the show (once the show day actually arrives, mind you) is getting to socialize with all these horse people, hang out with my teammates and getting to see all the different horses and riding styles. My favorite for the day was actually a Perchron/Paint/Warmblood cross - seriously looked like a Sempatico baby. She was a young bay pinto and she just had the calmest demeanor and lovely movement. I offered the owner to let her horse go home with me, but she declined :) Her horse ended up getting high overall percentage with a 74%!

Overall, this weekend was... interesting, but mostly in a good way. Now I'm just ready to get some sleep, rehydrate and stop stressing so much!


  1. Bless your heart for putting on a horse show. Secretaries, managers, judges, gatekeepers—I think anyone who volunteers to work a show is worthy of sainthood! I've never coordinated a show, but I've been a ring steward and gate opener/closer, and it was long hours, for sure. I'm sure your hard work was much appreciated.

  2. Ah, thanks :) It definitely is a lot of work and I do enjoy it for the most part!