Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spa Day

No ride today, though luckily it's not because I'm still sore, lol. I feel almost completely back to normal after the crazy weekend.

Instead, I just lunged Jetta, cleaned some tack and she got her toes trimmed and mane pulled. Horses must think we are the weirdest creatures ever to call something like that a "spa" day when "torture" might be a better description. Poor Jetta's mane just did not want me to pull it today, even trying to get the smallest clumps of hair out was difficult and Jetta was not pleased with me. It looks much better now, although it keeps trying to switch sides and since I won't let it, it has contented itself with sticking straight up.

Jetta's punk mane. I think she likes it, her baby name was Punky after all ;)

Jetta got two small scrapes on the back of both of her knees from climbing off the jump on Saturday. The scrape on her right leg is a little swollen and tender so I put some more wound salve on it. She didn't seem off at all on the lunge line, but my trimmer AC thought she was off at the walk. At first she thought she was still off from the abscess since she wasn't weighting her heel as much on that RF, but when I showed her the scrape she thought that it explained it. Silly horse, that's what you get for pulling stupid stunts like that!

It has started raining again :( I thought for sure that summer had arrived a bit early, but it's chilly, windy and very, very damp out. I don't think Jetta minds at least - she was just happy hanging out with her giant manger full of hay!

What do you want?

Noms - Jetta at her happiest

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