Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hitting the Trails

And boy did we hit them hard :)

Friday was our trail ride with Dr. P. I ended up not taking Jetta since it would take me at least an hour to go to the barn, hook up the trailer, get my tack, load Jetta and get out to the trails to meet them, so I opted to ride Dr. P's draft cross Bubba. I love him! He's such a cutie (I have a major soft spot for bright chestnut geldings) and drafts tend to be such comfortable and dependable guys.

Our trail ride seemed like it lasted forever - I think that total time was four hours of going up the mountain and back down. When we finished Dr. P commented that we finished early! Geez people. I myself prefer trail rides around 2 hours, unless you stop for a picnic, then three hours would be fine. This was no stopping save for a couple minutes here and there to let the horses get a drink from a creek or look at the view or some such thing.

Not that I'm completely complaining. The weather was absolutely perfect. It poured all morning so I was afraid that we would have a miserable soaking ride, but the rain held off and the sun came out. Perfect! Despite being quite sore from an unfamiliar saddle whose pommel kept jamming into me on the way down the mountain (ouch!) I can't wait to go with them again. It was a fun group - ML went (despite still being ticked at the trainer, JM), Dr. P, another boarder and JM. JM is fun to hang out with when he's not trying to be all trainer-ly. Then he's just annoying and confusing. But it would be fun to go again.

I'm glad I didn't take Jetta because 1) the rocks on the way up the mountain were huge, even all of the shod horses were having a tough time navigating them and it obviously was not comfortable walking on them. I need some new hoof boots! And 2) JM's stallion is scary. Like terrifying. ML's mare was in heat (of course) so she was relegated to the back of the pack and her instructions were that she wasn't to get near the stallion and if he started snorting, she was to bail off the horse. Lovely, just lovely. He doesn't have very good manners instilled in him - at the barn, he has a stall all by himself in the far corner. The cross ties near him are not to be used by mares. And he doesn't walk him down the aisle to the trailer, but instead through the arena, or else all the horses must have the doors on their stalls shut. He's a pretty stallion, but I think temperament is just as much important as talent and conformation in a stallion, therefore no manners = gelding status. Just sayin'.

But that said, it's nice to see a bunch of fancy (like third level through PSG fancy) horses who regularly get out of the arena and are exposed to the bridges and water and log jumps, etc. And I had a great time! Though I will admit I was exhausted when I got back and almost immediately went to bed, lol.

Bubba and I warming up in the arena

Gorgeous view from the top

The group stopping for a snack.

Heading down the mountain. Finally!

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  1. Wow, those views look incredible!! I'm jealous.

    I agree with you about the stallion, I've met enough well behaved stallions to believe that there isn't much excuse for that sort of behavior.