Friday, April 1, 2011

April Goals

Ok, let's see how I did on this past month's goals...

1) Jumping lesson for real! I'm actually going to take one this month!

Ha, ha. Nope. Still didn't take a lesson. Next month for sure! No, really, I mean it :) I will either get a lesson with Karen O'Neal or the trainer down the street at the eventing barn. I will succeed at this goal eventually!

2) Fine tune trot to canter transitions, continue playing with halt to trot, and improve downward canter transitions.

Much better. Still a work in progress but she isn't running into transitions as much and is much better about transitioning down when I ask. Halt to trot transitions are pretty perfect.

3) Work on learning to ground drive/long line, possibly?

I tried once! It went ok, so we'll just continue to improve.

4) Leg yeild, shoulder-in, etc -- we really need to work on getting more respect for my leg. She's gotten a little too desensitized...

She is doing better some days, yet others are still just as bad. Need to become more consistent. I'm planning on taking a lesson with JF to make sure I'm approaching this in the right way and maybe she'll have some new tips for me.

5) Play around with the intro and training level tests. Prepare for a dressage show ??

We did a couple times and Jetta was very good. This next month we'll definitely start practicing more for dressage and using the tests, I especially need to memorize them!

6) Do lots of grid work for jumping to work on not rushing the jumps. Use exercises from my new 101 Jumping Exercises!

Yes, we did do this, and I think that Jetta has improved a lot, not to mention that I think I've improved myself. My goal is that by June we will be able to sanely jump a full course at a canter without rushing!

Ok, and now for this month's goals.

1) Start putting together some coursework - two stride and three stride fences. Introduce some scarier fences (barrels and oxers).

2) Jumping Lesson
3) Go on a trail ride - possibly to Elijah Bristow or school cross country somewhere if weather permits

4) Practice dressage

Shouldn't be too hard...

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