Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jumping Jetta

I jumped for real yesterday and Jetta was so good! Well, better than expected at least. I did almost fall off because Jetta decided for about 10 minutes that she could not, in fact go in a straight line and must duck aside at the last moment. Not allowed. Luckily I stayed on and I was very proud of her. There were a couple moments when I felt like we were jumping 4', but we were only jumping 2'3" to 2'6" but that is the highest we've ever gone! And really she was super good. We only had a little rush once and we even cantered over the jumps a few times, though mostly trotting still. Yay, progress! I could defnitely feel how much better Jetta has gotten - she jumps more carefully and I feel her rounding and picking up those front legs more. Awesome!
No pictures of us jumping, but you can see our setup here:

Here's a picture of Jetta warming up on the lunge beforehand. Yes, she is supposed to be stretching out and down, but I just though she looked so pretty, especially in all her pink - aqua/turquoise might be my favorite color, but pink comes in a close second :) Just had to share that really quickly because I was so excited :)


  1. The pics are not coming up in this post...?
    And when I click on the boxes... it brings me to an AOL website. Any thoughts?
    Great to read about the fun jumping!

  2. Weird... I think I fixed it!