Tuesday, April 12, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 12

Your favorite horse color.
Geez, where do I even start? I have so many favorite horse colors!

I think the color of horse that I've wanted for the longest time is a golden palomino. So pretty! I'm sure I'd get sick of keeping a white mane and tail clean, but I just think that they're so gorgeous!

Then I love bay and strawberry roan quarter horses. Of course, I've seen so many ugly, ugly roan horses so it's difficult to find a nice one, but Peptoboonsmal is a great example of a pretty, talented roan horse.

Next, there's the bright bay coloring. Love this and have always wanted a horse this color, especially with white. But, instead I got Jetta, the typical dark bay :)

I would love to someday have a tobiano or overo marked warmblood. I think that they're gorgeous especially because they're unusual.

Along the same lines of unusual coloring, I love appaloosa sporthorses or Knabstruppers. Cita Normark is an awesome example. Isn't she just the cutest thing ever?

I also love dappled greys. I probably won't ever own one because 1) they tend to lighten with age and light colored horses are a lot of work (though you notice I would still consider a paint! Crazy me...) and 2) 80% of greys will get skin cancer. Not fun.

And lastly, I also have a soft spot for bright chestnuts, especially warmbloods because of Grady! I don't like the reddish chestnut or dark liver chestnut (well, there are some exceptions!) but I love Grady's coloring.

Ok, so are there any colors I don't like? Well, I'm not a fan of cremello horses. They would be great for breeding purposes because their offspring will always be buckskin or palomino, but they're just so white and pink. That said though, I have seen some marvelous cremello horses, for instance Limet Hurry, a Czech Warmblood.

I also don't really like dark sorrel quarter horses or dark bays, probably just because they're so common. I'm not a fan of pale palomino (Isabel palominos to be exact) coloring or tobiano or appaloosa palominos. I just like solid golden palominos :) I like dark/gold buckskins, not the buttermilk. Not too enthusiastic about dun horses except for grullas. So yeah, those are my color preferences but you know the saying, "There are no bad colors for good horses." Their personality and performance matter so much more than their color!


  1. I've got to agree with you, I think cremellos are just funny looking- like white rabbits. Pink noses, pink ears, and blue eyes, it's just creepy.

    I'll take a bright, copper chestnut any day! Good thing I've got one ;)

  2. I love strawberry roans - there was one at our local auction that had been broken in for 6 weeks and my mother fell in love. Unfortunately, that horse went for $2,300.

    I have a liver chestnut (with lots of white) and a bay gelding with NO colouring - I think they are both beautiful, though. ONE DAY I'm gonna get my hands on a flashy coloured horse. I've never owned one before, although when I was 7 I did lease a palomino mare.

    I also agree with you about cremello horses - I don't know why but I have never really liked them. I also didn't know that 80% of greys would get cancer - although I did know they were more likely to get it than most other horses. You learn something new every day =)