Tuesday, April 5, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 5

The last time you rode and what you did:

Well, I have to say that I've been pretty busy! I rode Jetta today and she was ok. She's been kinda naughty the last few rides, rushing in the trot and bracing on the bit so we've been working on that. We've gotten to ride outside for the past three days which has been super nice. Today I warmed Jetta up on the lunge over a raised pole. Then I hopped on and we went outside. There's the tiniest ditch that she has had a hard time crossing, even when Katy and Tanq had no problem! You can kind of see the terrible scary ditch from you-know-where below next to her eye. But don't worry, we conquered it!

Jetta leaped over the ditch the first few times before I made her walk through it eventually stopping in the middle. See Jetta that wasn't so bad, right? Jetta - Grumble, grumble.

But our ride wasn't over next. After conquering the scary ditch we had to escape the tarp monster that was flapping in the wind, oh sorry, I mean obviously chasing us. Then came the mutant ponies. I thought they were absolutely adorable, but Jetta knew better. They were in fact mutant cannibal ponies so Jetta had to puff herself up to make them stay away. Never mind that there was a fence and a bunch of trees between us. "Don't worry, I'll protect you mom!" Jetta says. These weren't just any ordinary ponies don't-cha-know.

But really, it was a lovely ride, Jetta is so much happier outside and she was a lot less rushy and bracey when we trotted. Can't wait till it's dry enough to go cantering!

Also, guess what? It was Jetta's birthday today! She turned 5 years old. Of course, she's technically 5 already because of the universal birthday, but still. She's actually 5 today. My baby's getting all grown up *sniff* I forgot to get wheat bran to make a mash, so don't tell Jetta. Instead she got two apples with two of her favoritest Squeezy Bun treats crumbled up. I don't think she minds that I forgot the bran mash. Here's before, half way through and after. Jetta was thrilled. She was trying to eat so fast she had apple foam spraying everywhere.

So yeah, that was my day!

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  1. I think Jetta was probably right, I wouldn't put anything past those ponies ;)