Monday, March 21, 2011


Nothing to update so far. I'm at home and Jetta's still up at the barn at school. Tomorrow I'll go up and ride her, Katy and Tanq. I'm really excited to ride Tanq. He's huge - 17.2hh and just big all around. It'll be interesting to ride him. I'll try to post a pic tomorrow so you can see his ginormous cuteness :)

I think I'll give Jetta a bath as long as the hot water is working. Fingers crossed! I have her new cooler and everything.

I went up to the expo Friday and that was fun. Still a little disappointed that there wasn't as many vendors as I would like, every year it seems I say that. ML and I watched a clinic for a little while by this Cowboy Dressage guy. He was different but I liked him. I didn't stay the whole time so I didn't really 'learn' anything persay, but it was neat to see him in person (I don't remember his name right now... I'll figure it out). So, yeah. That's about it! Hope everyone is having a great spring so far.

Sorry, slightly random photos, but I love tulips and daffodils.

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