Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Busy Busy

This past week has just been crazy busy and I know that this week and the next two weeks are going to be the same. This term is almost over! So happy, but this means that I need to start preparing for final exams and getting final projects and papers done and turned in. So much to do!

Lucky for me I always seem to find time to head out to the barn. A lot of people use exercise to de-stress, but for me it's just going to the barn and riding or just grooming my pony and cleaning tack. The problem is that it's hard to make myself leave the barn to go finish homework!

Jetta's been doing really well. Today we had one of those amazing canter days where she was really light and springy. I just love riding her canter when she's good. I could just keep going and going. The barn was so crazy today, seven horses in the arena at the same time! There's never been that many, usually at the most four. It was lovely... seven people all going in different directions, two of which did not understand the "pass left shoulder to left shoulder" rule and kept cutting people off and almost colliding several times. Sigh. Luckily ponyface was good and we only had a couple fire breathing dragon moments.

The weather has changed drastically, making it gloomy, wet and cold. We had a snow day! Well, it was only a two hour delay, but still! It made my whole week :) Here are a couple pics.

As much as I love a little snow, I'm ready for spring - flowers, a little drier and warmer weather, and sunshine!

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  1. I don't even bother when there's that much traffic in the indoor. Well, that much unthinking traffic. It's fun to ride with other people--it's not fun to get run over by them.

    Good luck with finals!