Monday, March 28, 2011


I just lunged Jetta today over ground poles. She was very good, though of course she had to spook at least once because the horses coming in from outside were sooo scary. And then she had to show off for them. Silly. Once we got over that little bit she was great. Looking at her back again, it does seem "normal", like something that will disappear once she gains topline muscle, the topline that I'm still waiting for to appear... But she did lose weight this winter, so that may be our culprit - once she's back on pasture, maybe she'll gain some weight and there won't be any lumps!
Yesterday I had so much to write about so the following info is slightly outdated. Not many comments, so go read the last two posts!! But that's ok if you'd rather not :)

I went to a tack sale yesterday, I had some stuff consigned to it and also wanted a few new things. I thought it went really well. I sold a couple things and I spent less than I made! Brownie points for me. I ended up buying a set of four Dressage Sport Boots (DSB) which sell for about $40 a pair new, for $10 used! Great deal. I also got two bits that will fit Jetta and a In-Hand Sport Horse training video and a George Morris Hunter Seat Equitation book. $30 for everything! I was happy.

I consigned my saddle to the sale, and while it didn't sell, I met someone who was interested in taking it on trial. She said she would come to my parent's store today and leave a deposit and then come try it. Earlier, I guess a woman came in and talked to my mom, saying she had seen the saddle at the 4-H Tack Sale that was a looong time ago and was still interested. She hadn't contacted me since the sale so I had written her off as uninterested. My mom explained that someone else was already coming to take the saddle this afternoon, but if it didn't work out she would call her. The woman I had talked to at the recent tack sale let me know that she was on her way to the store, so I forwarded the message to my dad. My mom had headed out to do errands so she wasn't there. I then get a call from a very unhappy woman saying that she had driven all the way out to get my saddle and it had been given to someone else. I called my dad and he explained that he accidently gave it to the wrong person. It turns out that the woman that had come into the store earlier came back for the saddle and took it with her. My dad had thought that she was the one that I had talked to, and only realized his mistake when the second woman came to get the saddle. Confusing, I know. Jeez. That stupid saddle has been for sale forever and no one has been interested until now, three people all really want it. Yes, there is a third person in Washington who is really interested and wants me to ship the saddle to her. I told her if it doesn't work out with this one person (well, now two) I would send it to her. Now I just feel really bad for the woman who was supposed to get the saddle, but didn't, and I'm kind of upset that the other woman took it because my mom told her that someone else already had dibs on it. Whatever, at least they paid so if they don't come back with it, it's not my problem.

Back to my original topic. I rode Jetta in the boots yesterday and lunged her with them today - they look and fit perfectly. I've started reading the George Morris book and I really like all the pictures and it seems very thorough. Kind of funny to see all the outdated clothes :)

I also noticed at the barn that someone else has my cooler :( My brand new turquoise and black one to be exact. But I am planning on getting mine embroidered so at least I'll be a little different. What do you think, the barrel area or hip area? I'm leaning towards the hip, but I'm not sure. I think the barrel area is more for things like if you win a championship or high-point, but I don't know. I haven't really seen that many embroidered sheets. If you had a sheet you wanted to embroider with you barn name where would you put it?

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  1. I vote for embroidery on the hip.

    I hope all this confusion about the saddle works out in the end. Geez...