Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I have the spring cleaning bug. I know it's not quite spring yet, but I just want to start cleaning everything! All my stuff is so grungy, including my horse. Ick.

Yesterday was gorgeous sunny, warm-ish weather, though today it's back to gloomy rain :( Today I cleaned my saddles and washed my horse's muddy boots, though after they dried I put them on Jetta and lunged her in the newly watered arena so they are again muddy. But at least not as bad as last time. That's the problem with horses - I always end up looking so dirty after going to the barn. I don't understand how people can ride and still look good. Me, I've got horse snot down my shirt, mud on my legs, dirty brown hands, hair sticking up every direction and sweaty bangs stuck to my forehead.

Next on my list is washing the stall blankets and saddle pads, then eventually washing the horse. I must have the most disgusting horse ever. When I look at her stall I see that she pees around the edges so she has all this area in the middle with lots of bedding to lay in at night, right? But when I take her out of the stall she'll have a giant wet spot all across her middle. Gross, mare!

Can't wait to clean her blankies, though I know as soon as I put them back on her they'll get dirty again. It's a losing battle but oh well. At least I can say I tried! I'm also looking forward to giving her a bath because brushing can only go so far. She's just kind of sticky. I ordered a new cooler (my only other cooler is one that I won in highschool equestrian team and although it is a size large, it is tiny) and it comes in my colors! Turquoise and black, which as you may have noticed are the same colors as my blog. I'm excited. It's being discontinued so it was about 60% off, maybe more. Good deal!

I'm thinking about getting it embroidered with my logo so I can take it to shows and match with everyone else who have embroidered coolers showing off their barn. I may not have a barn, but I already have my barn name and logo all picked out :) I'm not obsessive or anything. Well, maybe just a little.

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  1. That's a sharp-looking cooler. It'll be smashing on Jetta. (And definitely YES to custom embroidery. So fun.)

    I'm blessed with one of those horses who actually stays relatively clean of her own accord. <3