Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March Goals

It's already March! Let's see how we did on our February goals...

1) Well first, I would like to take one or two jumping lessons. I neeed jumping lessons! And Jetta does too. - FAIL, didn't make it to a lesson :(

2) More cantering! Let's make even better transitions from trot to canter and let's work on walk to canter transitions. Also, work for better, more prompt canter to trot transitions. - Much better transition from trot to canter. I didn't feel like we were ready to try walk to canter transitions, but we've nailed the halt to trot transition.

3) Continue work with shoulder-in and leg-yeild especially in the trot. - Kind of. Improving but still needs work.

4) Halting square (no more spraddle-legged halts!) - Accomplished! Much better square and prompt halts.

Ok, so for this next month, pretty much the same stuff:

1) Jumping lesson for real! I'm actually going to take one this month!

2) Fine tune trot to canter transitions, continue playing with halt to trot, and improve downward canter transitions.

3) Work on learning to ground drive/long line, possibly?

4) Leg yeild, shoulder-in, etc -- we really need to work on getting more respect for my leg. She's gotten a little too desensitized...

5) Play around with the intro and training level tests. Prepare for a dressage show ??

6) Do lots of grid work for jumping to work on not rushing the jumps. Use exercises from my new 101 Jumping Exercises!

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