Friday, March 4, 2011

My Future Barn: Part 5

Ok, so you've seen all my dreams for what my barn will look like in the future, if I can ever afford it. But maybe I can make it my business like this facility is. I would love to do Equine Rehabilitation. I am still working on pre-vet, but I haven't really decided what I want to do as a vet. Do I want to be a general practicioner, specialize in just small animals and/or horses? Or do I want to be a nutritionist or a rehab vet? I'm not really sure yet, but I would love to be any of the above choices. Especially if I got the chance to work somewhere like this.

Oh my gosh, this is exactly like what I want!! Though this would be as a business, not solely as a private barn. I would love to work somewhere like this. I didn't realize how close I actually live to this place. I could go on a field trip! This is Pegasus, a rehab and training barn. Go check out their website, I guarantee it will make your jaw drop. Make sure you check out all their rehab equipment. On a side note, I found this place because this is where Denali (is, was, was going to be? can't remember...) staying. What a lucky pony, I want to live there and I'm not even a horse!

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