Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sad Day

ML, CL and I all went out to the barn together today. We got there and Dudley wasn't in his stall. Hm. We all got on and were warming up when ML motioned us to the middle of the arena.

"Dudley had to be put down this morning. He colicked really badly." I was so stunned. Dudley? Not our big cuddly goofball. Our barn mascot. The BO was really upset. Dudley and her were buddies, she was helping him get reconditioned after he was on stall rest for an injury.

I'm so sad. I can't believe he's gone. Even the horses seemed to notice he wasn't there. They kept peeking into his stall. Wow. It's amazing how quickly you can lose someone. I gave Jetta an extra cuddle tonight.

I'm sure his owner must be feeling awful right now. She bought Dudley as a foal and has had him for almost 15 years, I think. I wish I had taken more pictures of him so I could give her a card :'( I would love to get a picture of him from someone and make her a poster or something that she can keep of him. Oh Dudders, we'll miss you!

My unfortunately only picture involving Dudley, and of course it's a terrible cell phone pic and you can barely even see Duds. Poor guy.


  1. :( Colic is an awful way to go.

  2. Terrible.
    Random too b/c on Tues our neighbors Arab colicked and died too. My BO's offered to take him to MSU to be cremated since he can't afford to. I about died when I pulled up to the barn and saw a horse body with a tarp over it.
    I'm sorry about your Duds....

  3. Thanks guys. He'll be missed!