Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Drool Worthy

So I ran across this company when I was reading the blog, On Track for a CCI*. I guess they were at an event and Suzie bought a breastplate from them. It sounded pretty neat, I mean it goes from a 3-point breastplate to a 5-point breastplate, and I always love innovative stuff :)

I went to their website and oh my gosh. LOVE. I was drooling all over their stuff. The company is called Voltaire Design and their products really are lovely.

Not only is all their tack made out of very delicious* looking leather, but guess what.... It has my favorite color in it! Their company colors are a stripey bright blue color, which coincidentally is my fav color. It makes me happy.

Evidence of my love of the color turquoise.
 I'm not sure their saddles have displaced my love of the Black Country Wexford which I someday hope to own, but they're super nice. I really like the dressage saddle. I think what I love most are their boots and that breastplate. I hope they make a line of bridles eventually. Maybe by the time I've saved up enough to actually buy something from them they'll have even more awesome products.

The boots come in all sorts of cool designs, from grippy inside area to a cool side zip (which I'm sure you know I'm a fan of) and guess what... yes, they are lined with my favorite color blue. Personally, I'm leaning towards the boots with a snakeskin trim along the top. So pretty... (insert image of me drooling right now!)

I'm thinking as a future product line they should offer bridles and breastplates padded with bright blue leather. I would buy it! I'm not sure who else out there would, but they have some really nice tack.

*On an aside, it's always interesting trying to describe leather quality to non-horse people.
Non-Horse Person: Why is that saddle so much more expensive?
Me: Well it's higher quality. Can you feel the difference between the leather?
NHP: Well, yeah so? Why does that matter?
Me: Well it's something you have to use every day and if it's soft its more comfortable and easy to use. Plus it's just delicious.
NHP: Delicious? You eat this stuff??


  1. WOW, I also love the boots with the snakeskin leather along the top. YUMMY!

  2. I know, they're gorgeous. I really want new boots now!