Friday, March 25, 2011

Random Thoughts

I had so much fun riding all of the horses the other day, I can't explain how much I wish it was my job to ride horses all day! I miss riding more than one horse, it keeps me on my toes to ride different horses.

Every so often, I'll go live with JF for a couple weeks and just ride horses - she lets me ride her training horses, maybe five or six a day. I want to do that for a living! Talking about it with JF though, she said that my decision to become a vet was a lot better because I'll actually make money and I can still train on the side if I have the time.

I read an article in Practical Horseman the other day and it was just so depressing. It was an excerpt from the book, How Good Riders Get Good. It was talking about how your decisions can lead up to you becoming a "good" rider or not and used two imaginary people as examples of how their decisions dictated their life. One girl, even though she was the more talented, more driven rider wasn't the better of the two because she decided not to take a working student position but instead got married and had kids.

Basically it said you peak as a rider in your 20s and 30s (at least as a competitive rider I think) and that if you want to be a good rider you have to sacrifice certain things, for instance getting married and having kids.

I just wish I could do it all! I've never really thought about it that much, but I always just assumed I would make it into grad school, pass my board examination to become a vet, practice for a few years to pay off loans and make some money and then eventually transition into only training horses.

But even if I get into vet school on my first try, I'll graduate at 24 years old, then have to work several years and who knows if I'll actually make enough money to do what I want? And I'm thinking that somewhere in there I will hopefully meet someone and might want to get married, but what if he doesn't support my riding? I would hope that whoever I marry shares my love of animals, including horses.

Anyways, enough of the depressing thoughts. No new updates with Jetta, I haven't been up since Tuesday but ML rode the horses today and I'll ride Sunday.

I love my ponies!

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