Saturday, March 5, 2011

Magic Circles

Magic Wand
I betcha you didn't know how magical 20 m circles are, huh? They seem to work wonders on my horse. Rushing the canter? Circle. Leaning in or too slow of pace? Circle. Rushing before or after a fence? Circle.

It's magical! Jetta comes on the bit, I apply a little bit of inside leg and it keeps her from falling in and gives her the correct bend and she maintains the perfect speed.

We seem to have made great progress in our jumping these past two days! No rushing!!! Well ok, there was a little bit, but really she is doing so much better. I started out with three canter poles (her stride is 8'6" which seems a little longer than average to me) to warm up with then set the middle pole up to about 18". She was so, so good. I should've stopped after the first couple jumps because I think she started to get a little tired and rushed a tad bit in one direction. But still, what an improvement!

Today we just did canter poles because my body was very unhappy about the jumping from yesterday. My core and back muscles are out of shape :( She is still doing a ton better, but in one direction (the direction that leads back to the road) she seems to anticipate and speed up more. Not as bad as before. I'm tempted to do lots of canter poles in that direction to see if we can remedy is, but circling before and after in addition to the canter poles seems to have totally improved Jetta's jumping. I'm so excited :]

There's a jumping clinic coming up in two weekends that I'm considering going to, but we'll have to see how it all works out. That's the same weekend as the Horse Expo which I would like to go to. I found out that I didn't make it into the clinic which is a little disappointing, but in reality it's probably a good thing because then I'd have to prepare for the clinic and I'm drowning in homework right now. Jetta might not get ridden much in the next week unfortunately.

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