Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I'm feeling rather zombie-like today after some lack of sleep. I managed to have a good ride on Jetta today, despite forgetting to put breeches on (how does one forget to do that?) as well as forgetting to bring my tall boots with me. Sigh. So I rode in jeans and western boots in my jumping saddle because I was determined to have a productive ride and not just toodle around bareback.

Then I managed to forget to lunge the beast. How did I do that? I tacked her up, bridled her and climbed on. Once I was on I thought "Oh. Well, I'm too lazy to get off, take off her bridle and lunge her so I'll just keep riding." Because of this and lack of riding for the past five days it started out interesting. Jetta was much too rushy and heavy on the forehand, not to mention that she was spooking at every little noise and shadow. Geez pony.

We got our act together though. I got Jetta's brain focused and her body more balanced and I worked on my two-point and leg position. Of course my leg would gradually slip back and my heel up, then when I repositioned it Jetta thought it meant to canter! So in my brain it went something like this: two-point, keep your chest up, trotting along, get Jetta off her forehand, oops, better fix my leg, ahhh cantering, slow down pony, ok trotting again, fix my leg, canterrrring, Jetta cut it out we're trotting and so on.

Da Ball.
We ended on a fun note - the BO just got a large bouncy ball so I pulled it out and we chased it around. Jetta wasn't too sure about it at first, but by the end she was tracking it by herself, bumping it with her nose and offering to kick it harder. Can anyone say horsey soccer? :D

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  1. We have a large orange ball for the minis. Pippi doesn't really care for it but one of the minis finds it so much fun to kick it at the others who are not a fan of it.