Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I'm not a fan of Valentine's day (aka SAD - Singleness Awareness Day). Doesn't really lend itself to being a good day for those who are single.

Anyways, luckily I have great parents and great roommates. My parents sent me this gorgeous bouquet...of fruit!!

Yum! I love my parents :)

But really, this post is for my equine valentine. Grady. I'm lucky to have such a sweet, handsome guy in my life, even if he does have four legs and communicates in nickers. Here are some of my more recent pictures of him:

I love this boy so much and I can't believe he'll be 26 years old this year!


  1. AWESOME pics :)

    It was a boring S-A-D for me too.

  2. I celibrate SAD also. Even when I had a boy I hated this holiday. But I love the pictures you took. Very beautiful.

  3. No horse owner is valentine less. Great photography by the way, totally inspires me to do a shoot with My girls tomorrow.

  4. Awesome pictures! He's soooo cute!