Friday, February 3, 2012

Playing Hooky

So I skipped class yesterday... Well, in my defense my two-hour class beforehand got cancelled and the next class was a recitation and I felt like I had a good grasp of the material and I didn't want to go... So pony time!

It was the perfect day for skipping class. The sun was shining brightly - so gorgeous out. I went and got Jetta out of the pasture and I lunged her in side reins over some raised poles. She did fantastic, really reaching down and lifting her back, exactly what I was going for. Then I tacked her up.

She was much better than yesterday (well, duh, I had my stirrups back!) and after a couple reminders to listen to me we got some great stretchy trot and a supple and round canter. No bucking in sight :) Then, the icing on the cake: guess what we did?

Trail ride!!! Ok, I'll admit it was a wimpy trail ride but I was excited to be outside in the sunshine. I double checked with the BO and she said it was ok to go out on the trails, but I didn't really know where I was going and while the trails were limited because of fencing on two sides, I felt like I had ridden into someone's back yard so I hastily retreated. I'll have to ask the BO exactly where to go because there was a defined path, but maybe I missed the "real" one? Anywho, supposedly it backs up to a state forest that I can get a permit to ride in so I need to figure out how to do so! Because it would be awesome.

Afterwards Jetta had a nice roll in the dirt and I tried to take her picture...

I'm not paying attention...

Who me?

Ok, you can take my picture.
So that was my awesome day :) Today the pony gets a break and I'll be back to ride her on Sunday.


  1. Love the pic of her looking at the camera. She has a super cute face.

    To get to our trails, you have to ride around a 'no trespassing' sign. It's kind of weird.

  2. Sigh, your clip looks so much better than mine...