Sunday, February 12, 2012

Never take me to a tack store...

ESPECIALLY when they're having a sale because I could spend all day there and buy more than I meant to.

I made the trip to Gallops Saddlery yesterday because I needed new breeches and they were having a sale. While I did manage to walk out with only one pair of breeches (those babies are spendy!) I also got some new xc hind boots that I'm very happy with and a pair of tall socks... In my favorite bright blue color, lol.

I'm sure my fellow equestrians can understand the desire to spend the whole day in a tack store. Gallops is just awesome - they carry all of the "good" brands - antares, equifit, CWD, ecogold, five star tack, veredus, and more. It's pretty awesome. As it was, my mom had to pry me out of the store before I bought one of everything!


  1. I know how you feel! At our local tack shop, the woman that owns it tries to sell you everything you don't need so we have to avoid going and drive to another one!

  2. I also LOVE a good bargain but I have never been able to score Veredus boots for $8!!!! That is amazing.

  3. Sheesh, I should go shopping with you if you're finding deals like that! Oh wait, I already have collected way more than I will probably ever need. Dangit.