Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Had a great ride today! I got a video but of course it doesn't want to upload. I am going to try when I get on campus tomorrow and have the WiFi to do it, but really the video was not helpful. I set my phone on a barrel to get the video so basically you just see a big blur come into the picture about every 30 to 45 seconds and since I still haven't installed any editing software on my computer I can't chop it up into pieces so it's more bare-able to watch.

"Jomping is so much better than stupid dressage!"
But back to the ride. I set up a big old oxer for us to jump today and Jetta was totally game. Didn't even glance twice at it, just flew over. It's neat having a horse that I know has the scope to clear anything so I don't have to stress about it. I still can't find my measuring tape, but I think the jump was around 2'9" give or take a few inches.

We trotted over it for the first few times and she only had one or two rushy leaps at it, but I found that if I sat up and established a good rhythm we were pretty much set for a good jump. Then we cantered it and she was just as good! I wanted to finish on one more good canter jump but she tried to leap it again, so we circled and established a better canter and I sat up and we had a great jump. I love jumping, I just wish I could take lessons from someone locally!

Hopefully this summer we'll take some regular jumping lessons when I'm at home. And we've got three eventing clinics lined up in the upcoming months to prepare for Inavale. Getting excited already :)

PS: check back tomorrow and I'll try to have that video up for your viewing (dis?)pleasure.

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  1. Jumping is always better then flat work I think. I'm glad Pippi isn't the only one who takes giant leaps for jumps.