Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Where has my motivation to ride gone?? I haven't ridden Jetta in four days because of my mom's birthday, class and work. So today was my first opportunity to ride... but I decided not to.

It's just this cold weather - it makes me want to curl up inside next to the fire and hibernate. It's currently alternating between pouring down rain and hailing outside and I just really didn't feel like going to the barn when I could be studying for my organic chemistry test... I feel bad about not riding, but then again, Jetta's probably fine with it because she gets to be outside and isn't "bothered" by me coming to ride her. But I still feel bad.

I'm 100% planning on riding tomorrow and may even ride my friend's horse Tanq!

And here is an awesome xc helmet cam that will serve as my inspiration for this week :) I can't wait until it's dry enough to go play around on cross country!

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