Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fungus and Feet and Photos

I suck at titles for blog posts. Either they're boring or don't really make sense. Anyways, to the fungus part in a minute.

And I have no pictures so please enjoy the illustrations :) I don't know how this trend started, but I am officially in love. Pictures from here.

Today WAS CRAZY. I had a completely, absolutely, no-breaks full schedule from 7am until 8pm. It sucked. I'm finally home and now have to study. Ugh... Instead I blog and find awesome pictures on the interwebz!

I haven't ridden Jetta in five days!! Ohmigoodness... It's been forever. Today I didn't have much time so I just lunged her and she got her toes trimmed. Hopefully I will get to ride tomorrow though I have a midterm on Thursday. Maybe 19 credits was a bit too much??

Anywho, Jetta's feet look great! AC commented on the fact that she doesn't have any fungus right now, whoo! That's so awesome. She's had a lot of fungus this past year and it was causing cracking in her hinds so I'm thrilled that I've eradicated it, mwahaha. Now I just have to get rid of it in Grady's hooves.

Interesting to think about Grady's hooves. He's always been the delicate flower of the herd and he doesn't like walking on gravel very much, though we never had any problems with bruising or anything. But he has little itty-bitty QH halter horse feet and I've noticed that his frogs could be harboring some fungus so it'd be interesting to see if we can eradicate it, if he stops being tender-footed.

Back to Jetta. Her new growth has completely grown all the way out so her feet look very pretty now. Guess where my mind went immediately? Hoof boots! We can finally look into getting some Renegades or Easyboot Gloves for her so we can go and trail ride on the super large rocky trails or go galloping down the gravel roads (well maybe not galloping, but you get the picture). Her feet stand up well to walk/trot on gravel that is of an average size, but there are those huge chunks of gravel that even shod horses have trouble with.

Aaannd, guess what? Apparently Jetta has a weird size feet. I measured them to be at 5 and 3/4" wide and 4 and 1/4" long. The only size that looks like it *might* fit, is the 4WW which is 6" by 6". The largest size they carry. Wow, I really didn't think her hooves were that big? I'm going to email them and see what they think about sizing. It could work, on their website it says that you can cut down the length to fit.... We'll see. We don't really need hoof boots that bad. Hopefully I'll take some brand new hoof pictures (I'm going to email them to the Renegade people so they can double check my measurements) and I'll post them on here so you can see the amazing Thoroughbred hooves :)

Aren't these photos awesome?! Even though they're completely unrelated to what I'm talking about ;)

ETA: Oh, oh, oh! I forgot - I have 51 followers now! Yay, thank you everyone  ♥


  1. I'm sorry, what was that post about? I must have totally missed it - maybe I should go read it again?

    Or send it to my husband. :)