Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Today has been awful. I had an awful, awful midterm for my Honors History of the Theory of Evolution and Modern Biology early this morning that I have been freaking out about for the past two weeks and studying non-stop for the past week. I don't think I did too terribly on it, but I still thought it was awful. Two hours writing essays would make anything awful. I never want to hear the word "evolution" or "Darwin" ever again.

My ride on the pony actually wasn't too bad. She didn't get ridden yesterday because of said studying. Usually she can be a little nasty after getting time off but she was actually not too bad. She was pretty good about carrying her head lower, slowing her pace a bit and doing leg yields nicely, though our right lead canter was still a bit of a jump into it and we had to have a discussion about halting when I say so. I was planning on staying at the barn for a while and giving Jetta a good grooming and cleaning my tack just to celebrate being done with that awful midterm, but just as I was finishing up riding I started to have an asthma attack. I hate, hate, hate allergies. I'm allergic to pollen which means hay and grass so being around horses can suck sometimes. Of course I couldn't just get off, I had to end on a good note, then untack and put everything away so by the time I got in my car and blasted the filtered air I felt like I was going to die via asphyxiation. An awful feeling. One Benadryl later and I'm feeling much better.

I'm going to go buy some allergy meds and start taking them so hopefully I won't have an attack tomorrow because tomorrow is our jumping day and I'm really looking forward to it!


  1. I have a hard enough breaking while riding without asthma, idk how you do it. Have fun jumping tomorrow, Ill be in class jealous.

  2. Now that you're done with the Darwin test go study epigenetics. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Yep, I'm evil.

    Seriously though, asthma sucks, I have to keep a rescue inhaler around because I stop breathing if I ride when it's really cold or hot. Not fun.

  3. Ahaha, well epigenetics does actually sound a little interesting, but it's the overload of information that my teacher is fond of plus the erratic lectures that I'm ready to be done with!