Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Wishlist

I have a really bad habit of internet window shopping when I'm actually supposed to be working on homework :) I need to stop doing it, but... I'm a procrastinator. I can't help it, it's just a chronic condition!

Anyways, here's a coupe of things that I really want and someday hope to own... Perchance you can identify with my compulsive window shopping problem and might find this interesting.

First of all, I'm still looking for a saddle.
So I ended up finding this one on a used
tack page and I just like to drool over it. It'll
probably take me at least three years to afford
it but come on, it looks like so comfy! Who
wouldn't want an armchair for a saddle?

Fleeceworks hunter pad.
I'm in love with this style of shaped pad.
I have one of those icky fake fluffy ones.
It's disgusting. This on the other hand looks purdy.

An Essex Coolmax Wrap collar. I've been eyeing
this shirt for a long time since I always lose those darn chokers...

Vespucci Jumper Breastplate.
A little spendy, but I love the unique Y-shape
and the elastic.

Pikeur Skarlett Dressage Coat. I love the
short style and the fact that it's washable!
It has zippered pockets too...

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