Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The New Ariat Boots

I saw these boots on Dappled Grey the other day. I must say that I like the front zip style, minus the red accents. I'm not a red person. Other than that I think that they look comfy and cool. It was interesting to read what others thought of them. I think half the people I've heard hate them while the other half love it. http://fhotd64476.yuku.com/topic/57737

You can find the Volant Side Zip for sale here.

Then again, I also like the Nike boots, which are super similar to the Ariat Volants, but again with the red. Definitely don't like the red. I probably wouldn't use either of these boots for dressage, but definitely schooling and jumping/cross country.

Read more about these here.

Then there are these. Have to say that I do not like these. They look funky and they're too distracting and weird for my taste...

I do like several of the features for this boot,
 but the outside string thingy... yuck.
What do you think?


  1. I vote for the Volant Sport Chap, they look modern and useful. I saw the last boots a few months ago when they first came available through Equestrian Collections, I really don't see how they're worth $1000+. But then again, I'm kind of cheap.

    Did you get the email today? Those tooled half chaps made me drool, too bad I can't afford a $200 pair of half chaps right now.

  2. I have been looking at the half chaps for at least a week! I love sporty things. <3

  3. Yeah, the half chaps do look pretty cool. I like sporty things too :) I did see the tooled half chaps! Very interesting. The saddle too. I liked the chaps, am not sure about the saddle and didn't like the shoes.