Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Dilemma

Here's my dilemma. I'm planning out shows for the summer so that I can make sure that I get the days off from work that I need for these shows.

I really want to do a Dressage Sport Horse Breed Show (DSHB). Usually there's a local one every year, but of course, it isn't happening this year. So, my other option is one in Washington. It is still through the ODS, but it is several hours away at Donida Farm. I went to a Dressage Through the Levels Clinic there with Debbie McDonald and Janet Foy and I loved the facilities and really want to go back for a show.

The same weekend that the DSHB show in Washington is an eventing show that is much more local. It is a third of the cost of the DSHB show and is only one day, whereas the other show would require four days of my time which consequentially = $$$. What I was planning on was doing the in-hand maiden mare class, TB breed in-hand class, Training Level (or First Level if we're lucky) and the 4 & 5 year old Materiale class. I really, really want to do a Materiale class this year as Jetta is 5 years old and this is our last chance to do it. I was planning on doing all of these classes at show instead of spreading them over two or three shows.

So my issue is, do I go to this show for four days and dish out all the $$$? Or do I just do a local show with Materiale for this year and skip the DSHB show and hopefully find a local DSHB show next year? This is a one time thing. I would just like to show in-hand once and be done! If I do go to the DSHB show in Washington, I'm hoping one or two of my dressage buddies will be going with their nice living quarter trailers, then there's no issue of where to stay or having to drive by myself. At least I have plenty of time to decide, as the show is in June.


  1. Hm... if you really, really want to do it, then go for it. Better to get it out of your system then spend time wondering how much you missed out on.

    Unless you truly can't afford it. Then go eventing. It'll be a blast!

  2. I'd go to the show in Washington because the classes you're interested in sound awesome, like they were made just for you and Jetta. You know it will be run well and the grounds are nice. If you can afford it, go :)