Monday, February 7, 2011

A Project

I've just realized how much I miss riding multiple horses. Now, I'm riding Jetta roughly 5 days a week, occasionally hopping on Katy just to exercise her, but I miss getting to train another horse. Last year I was riding three horses - Jazz, Jetta and Katy. While it was quite a work load with school and no arena to ride in, I enjoyed being on three completely different horses.

I would love to get another project horse. Craigslist is the bane of my existence. I might be a little be addicted to it... maybe :) Here's a couple horses that I would buy if I could:

image 2179619476-0
This mare has been on craigslist forever but I
think she just needs a good trainer to fix her vices. She's cute!
image 2200520572-0
I'm very partial to grays, 5 year old grade mare, $500

image 2192949170-0
Love, love, love palominos. This girl is a cutie,
but I think I would be way too tall. She's 3 y.o.
and 14 hands. Cutting/cow lines. $650

image 2184004847-0
Love this girl. 5 yr Paint cross, 16hands, $700
In this economy I definitely wouldn't be making any profit, but it would just be something to occupy my time. Unfortunately it would just be too expensive to pay board for another horse for two to three months during the time it took me to train this horse, so I would end up losing a lot of money that I need to use for my college education. Sigh... If I was at home I think I would probably end up buying another horse to train and resell. I would probably pick the chestnut paint cross in the last picture. I just love how she looks.

Hopefully this summer I'll have plenty of horses to ride. Maybe I can ask JF to refer me some projects that she doesn't have time to take on and I can make some extra $ so I can buy a car!

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