Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Ok, I know I posted already today but I just got back from riding Jetta and she was so good. I thought she would be a maniac because she didn't get ridden Monday or Tuesday (which I feel bad about but I have been crazy busy), but she was actually super good.

I turned her out with Katy in the arena cause the barn was totally empty. It was kinda weird cause there's always someone there. Anyways, they ran around like crazy. I love watching horses run. They're so funny when they're bucking and pretty when they run. Then they took turns rolling. I think this was the first time that Jetta has ever rolled in the arena. Sometimes I'll let her go walk around without tack on after we ride but she just stands there and looks at me.

I'll have to video Katy cause she's hilarious when she rolls. She has such a flat, broad back that she just kind of gets stuck for a second when she rolls. She'll be on her back with all four feet in the air for a couple seconds. So funny and cute.

When I rode, Jetta was just great! She wasn't rushy like I was sure she would be. I rode in the dressage saddle which I haven't done for a while, I thought it would feel weird but it was actually very nice. Sometimes I feel a lot less secure in my dressage saddle.

Our cantering is what I was so happy with. We did two perfect trot-canter transitions! No rushing, no ears back, no humped back, no kicking out, no falling on the forehand. They were amazing! We worked a little on doing 20 meter-ish circles which Jetta did very well. We changed directions and it went perfect. We worked on those terrible two half circles that are now in the dressage tests (first level?) and then I asked her to halt from a trot and it was perfect too! It wasn't abrupt, it was light on the bit, not heavy on the forehand, perfectly square. Amazing! I cooled her out and we were done.

Isn't it interesting how a great ride can totally just make your day? I feel so happy after today's ride and I know that when I have a particularly bad ride my whole day just sucks. Ah, horses. They make our life more interesting.

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