Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I am so excited! I got Misty and I signed up for our first recognized dressage show.

I've been SO incredibly bored being laid up. I'm trying to be good and wrapping/icing my ankle (now I know how horses feel) but it means not getting up and moving around a lot. I've used the time to be super productive (well mostly. I did just start watching House on Netflix and I may or may not have watched 10 episodes in the course of the day yesterday).

Anywho, I finally renewed my USEF membership, organized Misty's "folder" with all of her registration papers and such. I got her the HID numbers with USEF and USDF, updated all of Jetta's info while I was at it, and then sent in our first recognized show entry!

So much money... And I didn't even get her actually registered with any of the organizations, just the HID numbers. Oh well. I would have liked to do lifetime registration so I can keep track of her in the future once I sell her, but it's not quite in the budget at the moment.

I'm quite excited for this show. I've never done a recognized show, but I've been itching to do one with Jetta for several years. I'm kind of bummed it's not with Jetta, but maybe she'll be ready by this summer for one. I really hope so because lately I've gotten really discouraged about where I am with Jetta.

We have one league show on April 27th that I'm going to take Misty to first and then May 10th-11th is the big weekend!

Can't wait for more of this:

Gah, the cuteness.


  1. Misty is so precious! We expect plenty of show photos. :)

  2. How fun!!! I love Misty, such a pretty pony. :)

  3. Oooh exciting! And she looks so lovely!

  4. Misty looks very nice! I hope you have fun at your shows!