Friday, April 25, 2014

Rain, Rain Go Away

I apologize for not posting more often! I just feel like I don't have the energy to post with school being so busy which is a bummer.

Nothing too exciting has been happening though. Weather has been super gross and rainy and not warm. This week I got a whopping two rides in on Misty. I meant to ride both ponies last night but had a major allergy attack and decided that since I couldn't breathe I should probably just ride only one horse, lol.

Misty was good for one ride and not so good for the other. Monday we were able to ride outside in the sun just before the downpour. Our warm-ups aren't pretty but once we get done with the warm up she starts to settle and move better and accept more contact. I've started asking for more leg yields and she's stopped getting panicked about them. Introduced shoulder-in which is going well, just little baby steps every ride. Also have been working on lengthenings which are just more like zoomy trots at the moment, but every so often she gets that nice, floaty, long stride.

Thursday she was not so good. I chose to ride her during feeding time which wasn't optimal so she was quite interested and a little spooky/tense with all the noise going on above her head in the loft. She wasn't awful (certainly no where near as bad as Jetta gets) and we were able to end on a semi-good note, but it wasn't great. She didn't want to move forward and was quite behind my leg at the beginning and didn't want anything to do with contact. Eventually I gave up and worked on something I knew we could do without theatrics and just practiced our stretchy trot and then our straight halts down the centerline. I really want to make a good impression at our big show next month by entering straight and stopping perfectly! She did very good at both of those things so we were able to end well which was especially good because I was not doing so well on the breathing front. Stupid allergies.

I planned on taking Jetta for a trail ride tomorrow but the forecast changed and it's supposed to rain most of the day. So I'm putting it off until Wednesday when it's supposed to be gloriously sunny and almost 80 degrees! Cannot wait. Until then, I'm going to try and put at least a couple indoor rides on Jetta.

And that's pretty much it in my world! I'm so jealous of everyone that's at Rolex right now and have been spending little snippets of time watching the rides on my computer. Someday I'll make it out there in person!

(Also, sorry for no pictures. I have a bunch I want to share, but my phone isn't letting me email them to myself. Ah, technology; I have no idea why you're not working!)

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