Monday, March 31, 2014

Temporarily Sidelined

Well, this time it's me and not the horse that's sidelined. Bummer. I had a great week of spring break doing stuff with friends. One friend from out of state came to visit so I (of course) took her to the barn so she could ride.

Misty was definitely a bit sore from our Monday beach ride last week but was very good for FS. I love seeing people ride her because I get reminded of how adorable this horse is!

Then over the weekend, the VERY LAST DAY of spring break, I sprain my ankle. And no, no great story to go with it. I simply tripped. I am currently on crutches and hoping I heal super quickly. I fail at crutches. I almost face planted a couple times on my way to class this morning. Luckily, I have no shows or clinics or anything to cancel, horse-wise. The only issue is I can't even clean stalls so I'm trying to coordinate friends to do it for me. Sigh. I just want to be riding right now!

I may see if I can squeeze my fat ankle/foot into a boot and ride western. I just need to be able to mount from the right side. And probably just ride bareback... I don't think there's any way I can manage a western saddle...

Apologies in advance if blog content is kind of blah this week (not that it wasn't last week). I'll have all sorts of time to blog now that I have a hard time moving around, but unfortunately nothing fun to blog about!


  1. Oh no! So sorry you are laid up! I just got back on after a few weeks, and it sucks being on the sidelines. I hope you heal up quick and are back in the saddle soon!

  2. Misty is way adorable. I'm sorry you sprained your ankle! Heal quickly

  3. Boo, at least a sprained ankle is something that will heal quicker then say a broken one! Feel better!

  4. Ouch! Sending quick healing vibes!