Friday, April 11, 2014

No Theatrics

I had the best ride I've had all year on Jetta-monster today! Yes, the best ride all year, as in four whole months. There were absolutely no theatrics. Gosh it's been a long time since I've had a nice ride on her in the arena. It was much needed. Her back showed no signs of being sore yesterday so I decided that I'd ride her today.

Goals for the day were to get her to have a nice trot, no tug-of-war battles and to stay on her. The last of which was made much easier by the fact that there was no spooking, bucking, rearing, scooting or other awful behaviors.

She warmed up quietly on the lunge line in side reins. I got on and did a long warm up in the walk getting her to leg yield lots, be soft in the bridle, etc. Moved on to the trot and was pleased to find there was no obnoxious pony trot but she was nice and forward without rushing. Minimal pulling too! She wasn't perfect, but for the most part we had a nice soft contact without curling behind or hauling on me. Canter was good, though to the right I accidentally brushed the wall with my foot and she took exception to that and had some rushy/pully behavior which we eventually came out of.

It was a nice ride and I'm hopeful that she'll continue to improve to at least where we were last year if not beyond!

No pictures of the good monster pony, but have some of Misty! I've been lunging her in the round pen before our rides just to take advantage of the sunshine and she has so much fun running around.

I just love everything about this horse's movement!

Bonus photo. My "speshul" unicorn


  1. Yay Jetta!! Here's to these great rides continuing!!

    Love th unicorn ;)

  2. Good girl Jetta! And Misty as a unicorn. Love it! lol :)

  3. Glad Jetta was a good girl! I just adore misty :)