Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sore and Not-So-Sore

I had a lovely ride on Tuesday with monster pony. I was waffling back and forth on whether or not I wanted to ride her on the trails, especially as I still hadn't changed out the flat tire on the trailer. Finally, I decided that I'd just go for a quick one hour ride as I wouldn't have a chance later this week. I'm glad I did!

First off, change flat tire. That was interesting. Getting the trailer up on the trailer-aid block was easy, getting the actual tire off was not. The lug nuts just would not loosen. I'm not a strong person so eventually I ended up sitting on the ground with both hands on one part of the tire iron and a foot on the other, using all my strength to get the stupid things undone. Whew. It was a workout. But I did it! And all by myself too. I felt so accomplished.

Very flat

Spare tire on!

Cleaned stalls super quick and since Jetta just got her feet done I put her boots on. Her hind feet have to be freshly trimmed to fit in the easyboots so they were perfect and she got to wear all four! Loaded up and off we went.

The clouds were rolled out on our drive over to the trailhead and it wasn't looking very inviting. Kind of like it might rain. But we went for it anyways. I didn't see a single soul out on the trails. Not a one. We had them all to ourselves. Jetta was very good, we went at a much quicker pace this time, covering the same amount of ground (about 7 miles) but this time in an hour rather than an hour and a half. I was worried about her back so I ended up doing a lot of two-point when she had her big trot going (which is near impossible to softly post to).

I was glad I got to go though since the rest of this week is not going to have any pony time in it.

Can never have too much of this view

Today, when I went to clean stalls I palpated her back and she showed hardly any signs of soreness at all, which I was super relieved to find. I had checked the saddle fit on her the other day after she was super sore last week and didn't find anything different and her sweat marks have been even so I think it's just a strength issue/how I was riding. I'm not the most fit at the moment.

Me on the other hand, I am SORE. I couldn't figure out why I was so sore today. I didn't do anything different... no different mileage, I've been riding regularly, maybe I slept funky which made my back hurt? Oh, that's right. I basically did two-point for the better part of an hour. Dang, that's why I hurt! Hopefully all this two-point though will help get me ready for doing some jumping soon!

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