Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Deflated & Sore

Despite the title, it's not all that awful.

I went to the barn yesterday and grabbed something out of the trailer. This sight greeted me:

Very, very flat

Oh joy. I have never changed a tire in my life. This will be interesting. I drove around to several places and finally found a trailer aid to use for changing it. I have a spare tire and a tire iron... Tomorrow will be all sorts of fun!

But luckily it's not like I was planning on going anywhere in the near future and if I do want to go somewhere Friday or this weekend, I should have enough time to change it beforehand. Fingers crossed.

The soreness is on Jetta. I gave her a good grooming yesterday and her back was ouchy. Bummer. It's on both sides of her back in the area that lies under the rear panels of my saddle. She's never been this sore before, I literally could just lightly press on her back and she'd drop. It was even hotter in those areas. I'm hoping it's just because she's out of shape and we did a longer ride and not that we're having saddle fit issues.

Today she was much better. I had to dig my thumb in to get a reaction. Still a little sore, but way better. I lunged her both today and yesterday and she looked great. No indication of soreness in how she moved so that was good.

After our lunge session yesterday Jetta got a bath. It was much needed. She was gross. I put Misty's Baker blanket on Jetta to keep her clean so I'd at least get to enjoy a clean pony for more than one day!

Shiny clean pony!
Have to say I like her in plaid. Maybe a Jetta-sized one is in our future?


  1. She looks good, hopefully she will be feeling less sore soon.

  2. Hope that you can get that tire changed with no issues- you got this!!

    Heres to Jetta feeling better asap!