Monday, April 28, 2014

Looking Forward

Definitely looking forward to this week!

Summer weather coming right up!

I had a great ride on Misty today. I lunged her first and she did her usual bucking/leaping/alternate galloping and headflinging around. She's so funny to watch. When I got on she was nice and ready to work. Started with lots of walking and getting her to reach for contact, then moved onto leg yields and shoulder-in. Moved to the trot and did lots of loops which have become really awesome. She no longer gets confused about changing bend and maintaining gait and tempo at the same time! Leg yields at the trot are getting better but they don't quite look like straight lines yet. More like a little bit of leg yield, three strides straight and then a little bit more leg yield.

Overall, I was super happy with our ride today. I groomed Jetta really well then lunged her. She is FINALLY getting serious about shedding out her coat and each day I get lots of hair off of her so she's no longer fluffy! Plus, she's getting dapples. I love dapples but she's never gotten any! I'm super excited. But they're really faint and you can only see them at a certain angle. Weirdly enough they're only on the left side. I tried to get a picture but you couldn't really see them in the arena lighting so once it's nice out we'll try outside in the sunshine!

I was pretty impressed with Jetta even though all we did was lunge today. Someone brought some hay to put in the loft and so they opened the sliding door to the arena and drove the truck in while we were in there. Jetta lost it a little bit when they opened the door, but I brought her back to a halt and made her watch them drive in. Then I put her right back to work and she didn't even flick another ear at them while they backed up and started tossing bales up. Yay!

I was finally able to figure out a way to get pictures off my phone and onto my computer without emailing them. Complete and utter pain, but it'll work until I figure out how to fix the email. So enjoy some old pics from last Monday!

Someone's getting a bit beefy
Love getting to ride in the outdoor

Pretty girl

And we can't forget about Jetta!