Monday, April 7, 2014


Today ended up being fantastic weather. I woke up and was super disappointed to find that it was foggy and cool out... even at 10 when I headed to the barn it was still not encouraging looking out so I was kind of bummed because I'd been looking forward to this day for a while with the weather forecast being so nice.

Luckily by the time I finished cleaning stalls the sun finally peeked out and I lunged Jetta then loaded her up for a trail ride. It was a great ride. Sunny and warm. I LOVE spring.

Jetta was pretty great to. I was slightly worried once I got on that maybe this wasn't the best idea. My ankle is way better but I still don't have full use of it. So basically I had no left leg to use if she got spooky or stubborn somewhere on the trail. Hmm.

Mostly though she was great. A few small spooks here and there. She thoughts some fallen trees were terrifying and through a little tantrum about that but quickly worked out of it. She bravely passed a biker, walked over a small log and through a puddle. Only tried to kill us once when she spooked at something on the right side (so I had no left leg to hold her over) and went sideways towards the cliff at the edge of the trail. Geez mare, can we please spook in less destructive ways?

Checking out the creek
I'm trying to figure out the trail system better back there. The trails in that area are huge. You could go for miles and miles and miles. I will have no problem conditioning up there! I think I found the trail that leads to my friend's barn so I'm going to try and explore that next time.

Still keeping it fairly short and slow, we did 7.5 miles in an hour and a half mostly just because we had to mosey down the hills.

Overall, a good day :)


  1. You have such beautiful trials! Although I have to say the bridge would terrify me.

    1. It's quite a sturdy bridge. Though Jetta would definitely second your sentiments - she quickly tiptoes over it, lol.

  2. Definitely sounds like a great ride!

  3. Wow how cool to have access to those trails!