Monday, November 19, 2012

Time is Short

Had a good session with Tux today. I didn't ride but instead did some liberty work. I couldn't find my halter (turns out it was right in front of my face) and since all the barn doors were closed I let him out of the stall, he ground tied while I took his blanket off then followed me into the arena. He followed me back and forth as I set up a little jump for him. I love that he's starting to trust me more and more!

I free lunged him for a bit and it took a little while for him to realize that jumping was ok. The barrels are not for kicking or stepping on. As I was putting the jumps away I kicked out the bouncy ball for him to play with. I can't get over how cute it is! He kicked it around a bit then got to work demolishing the jumps. He was so proud of himself. He walked up to a jump block, delicately stepped over with one leg and then the other. He looked back at me then finished walking over it with his hind legs without knocking it over. That's what I was supposed to do right mom? So cute. Then he turned around and nudged it over with his nose.

Afterwards I finally found his halter and we worked on entering the dreaded pony torture chamber wash rack. It took a few minutes of convincing but I finally got him to go in. I let him relax in there, then practiced leading in and out a handful of times, then ended by sending him in by himself and making him stand there for a minute. It apparently wasn't that bad, since he did survive. He might have to actually get a bath next time...

Tux got lucky and scored a move into the big stall. It's about 12x16 or 20 so it fits him perfectly :) I've decided to board him for another month or at least until he sells, especially as it's started raining in earnest now (it was pouring today!) and that won't stop until about the 4th of July. In order to afford this whole, boarding two horses thing, I am going to start cleaning stalls 5 days a week. Oh the joy - full time in school, plus riding two horses, plus cleaning 10 stalls a day. But it's worth it.

I can't put into words how much I don't want to sell this horse. But I can't afford to actively ride, board, compete, etc. with two horses. It's just not financially possible while I'm in school which sucks. I've really become attached to him - of course I've liked all the other horses I've trained, but I love his personality, I love how hard he tries and I really do think he has the potential to do well in dressage. But I want to event. I do love dressage, but I couldn't give up my jumping goals. So as soon as school is out for the term, I will list him on dreamhorse and hope he doesn't sell too quickly....

In the meantime though, we are going to a dressage schooling show on December 1st and then going to school the Mountain Trail Course on the 7th. Hopefully somewhere in there I'd like to have a lesson with TS and see what she thinks of the monster pony and maybe she can help in placing him in a good home with one of her clients. We shall see!

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