Saturday, November 17, 2012

Faking It

I often say that Jetta is too smart for her own good... And I'm convinced she made up her little lameness episode!

Here's the chain of events:
  • Monday - hooves trimmed, afterwards I rode her pretty hard
  • Tuesday - no ride, didn't get to the barn at all
  • Wednesday - pulled her out of the stall, dead lame on her front feet on hard ground and reluctant to move on hard ground. Not too bad on soft ground (only slightly off in the trot) but too lame to ride. 
  • Thursday - pulled her out of the stall, not lame one bit. Trotted her down the concrete aisle - 99.9% better. Maybe a touch short on her right front which was the more ouchie one, but barely. 
  • Friday - still perfectly sound on hard ground, lunged her in the arena and looked back to 100%
I think she may have figured out that she had a lesson so she "exaggerated" her tenderness to get out of work, lol. What did I tell you? This horse is just too smart. 

Faker. That trot looks fine to me!

Today is the true test though as I'm going to ride her. Wish me luck the fire breathing dragon doesn't make an appearance after several days with no rides and no turnout (I didn't want her further bruising her hooves if that was what the problem was).

The plan is to ride both ponies today and they both get baths too. Tomorrow is our lesson with KO and since ML isn't going, I am going to take both Jetta and Tuxedo so Tux can get used to standing tied to the trailer and then I can ride him in a new arena setting. Looking forward to it!


  1. My trainer is nick named Ko, so I was super confused for a minute trying to figure out if you take lessons with her. I highly doubt it though.

  2. Probably not. Her initials are KO but she doesn't go by that in real life :)