Friday, November 9, 2012

Late Night Pony Ride

Last night after all my midterms and meetings I finally made it out to the barn! Feels so good to go after a few days of not being able to.

I had such a hard time deciding who to ride - I didn't want to be at the barn until 11 (pulling two late nights in a row = could hardly keep my eyes open) so I was planning just riding Jetta. But, when I got there Tux was looking so cute and ready to be ridden I couldn't resist. Plus, we hadn't gotten to try out his new haircut anyways!

I hopped on him and had a productive ride. It took him a minute to settle into the contact and get ready to work. At first our ride went like this:

Tux: There's something in the corner!!
Me: No there's not.
Tux: But there was! I saw it!
Me: Well it's not there now. Get over it. 
Tux: I did see something, I swear... grumble, grumble. 

 But once we got warmed up he was really good. His canter is really coming along. He's having a bit of trouble staying in the canter now that we're slowing it down and I'm asking for some self carriage, but he just needs the muscles because he'll get it and I can feel that he's round, his back is up and he's reaching under with his hind end aaaand then he trots. But we're getting there. Starting to introduce shoulder-fore at the walk and he's doing really well with that.

Today the plan is to ride both ponies (yay!). Tux will get a bit of a fun ride, I'm going to bring out some ground poles and working on trotting and cantering over them, so hopefully that goes as easily as I think it will. I might clip Jetta either today or tomorrow, she seems so fuzzy compared to Tux now :) We are going to audit a clinic on Sunday, hoof trim on Monday and then we have a lesson next Wednesday!

Looking dapper in his new (old) blanket.

I picked up this cute, cheap-y browband. It has black glitter so just a little bit of bling :)

No hair = no sweat

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