Friday, November 30, 2012

Feeling Accomplished

All set for the show tomorrow! I'm hoping it goes well but I got everything all ready for tomorrow which makes me feel a little better.

I spent my allotted 4 hours at the barn and managed to get everything I needed to do done. Cleaned stalls in record time, finished them in 1 hour and 40 minutes. Rode Tux and he was good despite the long break, we worked on transitions and he was near perfect with his leads. After the ride he got a bath and got scrubbed and bleached from head to toe.

I put him away to dry off and hooked up, turned around and positioned the trailer so we can just load and go in the morning. Cleaned tack and my tall boots and loaded that into the trailer. After double and triple checking that I had everything needed I swept the aisle, watered all the horses and braided Tux's mane, forelock and tail. I think I did everything!

The truck is full of gas and ready to go. All that's needed is my lunch (I already have Tux's) and my show clothes which are at home cleaned and ready to go. Feels good to be prepared. I have to memorize my two tests and our first ride is at 10:42am. Even though it's a schooling show I decided to do all the braiding and full show clothes because I figure that even if we jump out of the dressage arena, spook at the judge, fail our canter leads and throw in a buck or two at least we'll look good doing it!

All dolled up :)