Monday, November 5, 2012

Hairy to Hairless Horse

Well I went ahead and completely clipped Tux! I think he looks nice and sleek now. He lost about a hundred pounds just by getting rid of all that hair :)

I got my new ceramic blades in the mail this morning so I figured I'd go for it.

Fancy new blades!

The finished product. Not my best job, but we got it done!

I loved finding his "invisible spots" that didn't show up when he had hair :)

He was such a good boy for the whole thing. Today was only his 4th time ever being clipped and I didn't even tie him up. Yesterday I didn't either and he even let me do his face without having to be tied. Such a good pony. He actually liked having his belly done. I saw his lip twitching and he kept trying to groom on me. He even scooched closer to me a couple times so I could get that "right" spot.

It's Jetta's turn next, I'll probably do her this weekend, but she's just getting a blanket clip. I just need to go shower because now I'm super itchy! I even ended up with hair inside my socks...


  1. He looks great!

    Henry got clipped yesterday :)

  2. Clipped horses = so much better. Henry looks cute with his clip! Hoping to do something similar to Jetta...