Sunday, November 4, 2012

Beautiful Day

It was so gorgeous out today! Sunny and warm, it made it into the 70's even! I had a great, productive day. I went out to brunch with my parents and then headed out to the barn.

I rode Jetta first and we really nailed the canter transitions for the most part, but by the end she was getting all amped up for the transition so since she had already gotten the canter down, we did a lot of figure 8's and serpentines at the trot to get her to sloooow down and relax. She was really good. She had just come in from the pasture when I got their so she was all nice and relaxed and very well behaved.

Because it was so warm and obviously, it's hard work when you do things correctly, she got so sweaty even though I didn't ride for very long, so she got her first bath at the new barn and then we went and grazed out in the sunshine for a few minutes.

Sweaty pony worked extra hard today!

Not worried about being in the pony torture chamber...

Sunshine and green grass :) Almost feels like spring!
Tuxedo got a partial clip today, I just did a strip clip and I'm trying to decide whether or not to do a full body clip (minus the head and legs). I think he'd look better and feel better without all that thick hair, but it's just a lot of work! At least I got the hardest part done on his belly. Gives me a headache being upside down for so long :)

Half naked :)

I just had another short ride on Tux and he was also very good. He picked up both leads into the canter today right off the bat and was very smooth and calm. We changed it up down the centerline, doing halts at X or G or just walking or doing a leg yield at the trot. As much as I'd hate to change up such an obedient halt, he really is overenthusiastic about stopping so we need to iron that out a bit more. Counting down the days until I get to take him to his first dressage show!

Also, a nice surprise when I got to the barn today - they redid the boarder's tack room and it's so nice now! I have a whole wall now :] They put in more saddle racks, shelves and round bridle hangers instead of just the nails, plus a little dangly hanger thing that all my girths are on. I love it!