Wednesday, November 21, 2012

More Reasons Why I Love My Barn

Might be a little bit early, but... Feels like Christmas!! My favorite holiday :)

ETA: Please keep Jazzy in your thoughts. I got a call from her lessor today that she was acting colicky yesterday and wasn't eating or drinking so she had the vet out today. The vet said that Jazz isn't colicking - she has normal gut sounds, is pooping and has a normal temperature, she's just not eating and seems listless. I'm super worried about her, sure that she has some obscure disease. I'm desperately trying to convince myself that googling horse diseases whose symptoms include lethargy and anorexia will not help, but only make it worse, but I hate not knowing! The vet took a blood and fecal sample and will have results tomorrow. I'm probably over-thinking it but she's never been sick in the nine years that I've owned her and I know she's getting older so I'm worried about my girl!


  1. Super cute!

    And I'm crossing my fingers for Jazz, hopefully it's nothing.