Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Random Thoughts

So this post is going to be in no way coherent, but here goes:

No lesson today. I got out to the barn and rode Tux, then when I went to pull Jetta out of her stall she hobbled out. I thought maybe she just stepped out funny so I tacked her up and took her into the arena to lunge. She looked fine on soft ground, so when JB got there I asked her opinion and she thought it was fine so I hopped on. Not going to work, most definitely ouchy. Sigh, and I know it's my fault she's sore because I rode her so hard right after she got her hoof trim on Monday (plus she probably got trimmed a bit too short). Usually I don't ride if they get their feet done, but I was planning on just doing a short ride which would have been fine, but she was naughty so I ended up riding her really hard so we could end on a good note. Not good.

On the plus side I got to try Jetta's new ear net I got her over the weekend at the fancy tack store. Couldn't pass it up for $25 especially when it matched my saddle pad exactly!

Love the matchy matchy!

Not enthused about the whole ear net situation...
Have to say I wasn't all that bummed though about no lesson. I'm leaning more and more towards not riding with this trainer. I got to watch her ride the BO's horse today and I wasn't that impressed. She's not bad or anything, I just thought she wasn't that great. It may be ridiculous, but I hold my trainers to high standards - I want them to be really, really good so that I can learn lots from them. I just don't feel that way about this lady. I feel like we're pretty much at the same level and I noticed she missed a lot of training opportunities with the horse she was riding, for no apparent reason. We will try again next week and we'll see what I think of her jumping training skills then.

While I was watching JB ride, I was talking with the BO. They're getting a baby horse this weekend!! I'm excited, I love babies :) They are getting a 6 month old paint filly. Why, I have no idea since they just sold one of their horses because they had too many and now they're getting another one. But, they are going to let me play with it so I'm happy!

In other news, I'm really, really hoping that Jetta is no longer ouchy by this weekend since I signed up for a lesson with my favorite eventing trainer KO. I haven't been able to take a lesson with her in a really long time so I'm looking forward to it and I don't want to have to cancel. Jetta will get this whole week off and we'll see how she feels on Saturday.

I dug out some of my favorite ribbons that have just been kind of sitting around and decided to decorate my room at school with them. I love the result. Most of these are from Jazz, there's a couple that are from Jetta but I'm looking forward to add more and more from Jetta!

Only my favorites made the cut.

Also, I bought some adorable tops from DabbleBay. If you haven't seen this, click on the link! They have a bunch on sale right now. I just got mine in the mail and am in love with it. It may almost be right up there in my favorite horse shirts with my "Horses make me happy. You, not so much" shirt that I won from Stacey over at Behind the Bit Blog. So cute.

On sale = now mine


  1. I love your blog!! Thanks so much for linking to my shirt :)

    I have a blog for my OTTB named "Pie" and it is called Throughbred Adventure Updates, LOL! Your blog has inspired me to update it more regularly :)

  2. Thanks! And you're welcome! I love the shirts, they are pretty awesome :)

  3. Saw your blog on Dapplebay's FB page. Love to hear from a fellow OTTB owner--mine's an up and coming eventer, too! Great looking blog page--makes me realize I need to update mine...

  4. Thanks!! I didn't even realize it got posted to FB! It's great to hear from new people :)