Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Today was a bit rough. It started way too early for me at 7am (I like my sleep!) but I keep myself going because this is week 9 of the term, meaning that we have one more week and then finals and then spring break!!! So ready. The weather was majorly bipolar today - at first walking to class I got snowed on, then later hailed on. There was a little bit of rain thrown in and then sunshine! I thought spring was supposed to be nicer?

I lost my debit card and didn't know it until I showed up at the grocery store to buy food. Since I didn't have any cash = no food :( Luckily someone turned it into the lost and found and I got an email so I can get it back tomorrow.

The icing on the cake was my computer croaking on me. Ugh. That hunk of metal and plastic has just been such a pain this year! The back light in the screen just decided that it didn't want to work - something about the sensor malfunctioning because it would turn on then go dark. Really hard to work on your 15 page paper that is due in two days when you can only faintly make out what you're writing. The university computer help desk isn't equipped to fix it so I would have to take it to a shop and pay for it to be fixed. Ummm, how about I just buy a new computer and throw this one out the window???

For now I have stolen my mom's computer (which meant that I took 2 hours out of today just to go drive and get the stupid thing) until I can get a new computer! One that doesn't hate me hopefully :)

I squeezed Jetta in for a quick ride. She was pretty good - stretching down into a steady contact, doing great leg yields and shoulder-ins both directions. It was really good. Only a couple moments when she wouldn't listen to my leg or decided to do her best drama llama impression. We didn't canter just because I didn't have time, so that'll be our project for tomorrow. Oh, and one thing that has been working out amazingly, is our halts. We were having a really hard time going down the center line straight and halting quickly and squarely when I asked, but after one ride of working on a bunch of halts, they are now beautiful! Now if we could only fix that canter...

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