Thursday, March 8, 2012

Feels like Spring!

Wow, it's actually nice and sunny out! Of course the one day it is nice and I don't have a bunch of classes or homework, I feel awful. I have definitely come down with something and it's not a cold. Yuck. I don't feel good enough to ride (I think my head might explode) but I had a great ride yesterday, so it's not so bad. It was nice out yesterday too so after quickly warming up inside, where we had a great walk, trot and canter. I think Jetta's nice canter is finally making a comeback! We headed outside to the road. I wasn't sure how Jetta's hooves would hold up with the gravel since I thought they would be pretty soft due to all the mud in her pasture, but she didn't take a single misstep. It was nice to get outside and do some long trotting down the road. It's pretty quiet and we only had one car pass us. Jetta was very good and only flicked an ear back when the car approached. Yay for quiet TB's!

Tomorrow looks like it's supposed to be pretty nice too, but then it's supposed to rain all next week :(

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  1. Awesome about happy bare feet on that road ride and calm Jetta with a car passing :)