Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nice Words

It's always nice to get a sincere compliment isn't it?

Patch and me in 2008
I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but my first training project (on my own) was a little paint that I named Patch. She was an awesome little horse and I loved her to death and she just taught me so much. I ended up selling her to a family that lived pretty close, whose 8 year old daughter was interested in doing 4-H. Eventually they moved and I lost touch with them, since I only had their old home phone. A couple years later I was wondering what had happened to my girl, so I posted an ad on craigslist with her registered name. Lo and behold I got a response!

I woman had rescued Patch (now renamed Scribbles) from a boarding barn where she was abandoned. Turns out she had been sold to a horse trader who is infamous in my state, she mistreated Scribbles and then abandoned all her horses and left the state. Her new owner got Scribbles about one to two hundred pounds underweight, with rain rot and sunburn. I don't think I'll ever forgive myself for not finding her a better home with someone I knew and trusted.

But I couldn't be more happy with where she has currently ended up. The woman loves Scribbles to death and has worked through her issues that she accumulated since the time that I sold her. She recently facebooked me to see what bit I used, since she's been having trouble with Scribbles wanting to spit out the bit. After telling her what I remembered, I went back through my training journal that I kept and sent her another message with other bits of info that I found. What a trip down memory lane it was re-reading that book!

Anyways, this is the message that she sent back to me: "Thanks for the extra effort of getting out your old training journal to help. I really appreciate it and it is just more evidence that you were a great part of Scribbles life, and I'm betting you are the reason she has such a great personality and is willing to trust again even after all the crap she's been through. Underneath all her PTSD issues it is obvious that she has a good foundation, good training, and memories of good people; I attribute all of that to you. Thanks, for the best horse I've owned in many years, probably the best horse ever."

I made me want to cry. I am just so happy that she has found the perfect forever home, where she will never be mistreated again.


  1. Another truly special Paint horse that the world has been blessed with:)

  2. Awe that is so awesome. Not the abuse part but that you found her and had someone give you such an awesome compliment.

  3. There are so many aspects of that story that are fantastic. That you found her, that she found a great owner, and that the owner feels comfortable looking to you for guidance. Keep us updated on this little mare!

  4. So glad you found her and that she has a great home now! I wanted to cry at the email you got too!

  5. Oh gosh! What a great ending for that sweet horse!! :) Whew...