Monday, March 26, 2012

Good Rides

Finally got to ride Jetta for two days in a row! She was pretty good. On Thursday she was just what I needed after a stressful week. She had been inside because the pastures are pretty soupy because of the snow/rain combination we got. First we had to get the baby out of the arena. She was supposed to be outside but I guess there was a loss of communication somewhere and she was in the arena. Then I saw a llama wandering around outside so I called the BO and she came and put the baby away and wrangled the silly llama.

Making friends with the shy baby.

Jetta was SO hyper. Not saying I like it when she's wired, but it's so entertaining to watch her goof off and be silly, having fun. I went to lunge her and she was pogo-ing around me. I ended up taking off her saddle and unclipping the lunge line so she could just go gallop off some steam. She's such a dork - when she gets going that fast when she's trotting like a pogo stick she is going so fast with zero balance so she occasionally slips and falls. Then gets to her feet and gallops off again like nothing ever happened. Hence why I pulled off her saddle.

Trying out the new saddle pad we got at the tack sale. It's the kind with the fleece underneath. I like it!

Deceptively calm in the cross ties...

When I rode, I used the hackamore and just toodled around without worrying about collecting or anything, though she wasn't allowed to go all llama on me though. She was really good and it was nice to finally ride again.

Jetta was in again on Friday so we free lunged again and then I rode the same as yesterday though with a tad bit more collection. Jetta started off kind of ticked that I was asking her to actually work, at one point she reared up. Bad pony. But she worked through it and it ended up being a really good ride too. I finished off by rewarding her by playing with the bouncy ball. I still can't get over how adorable it is when she rolls it around with her nose!

Then I headed home for the next week for Spring Break - the weather was gorgeous out (our one day I'm sure!) so when I got home of course I immediately went to go play with the boys. I met them in the field and got started on grooming Grady since he's been losing so much hair. He still looks like a yak or a fluffy teddy bear but it's getting better :) Can't wait til he's all sleek again!

Ridiculous amount of hair... That's just some of what I groomed off!

 Then because I couldn't resist I hopped on Grady for a jaunt around the pasture. I love my old man, he remembers everything I've taught him even though I haven't ridden him in months. He's just so comfortable, homey almost, you know? We even had a nice canter, not creaky in the slightest.

Cutest face, even in Colton's ugly halter (that came with him).
My favorite ears.
Some remaining snow.

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